•                "Aruvi-Shrivilliputhur Milk Khova "
  • "A Saathivik Aahar Food for 	Brain and Body "
  • "A Saathivik Aahar Food for Children's Health "
  • "A Saathivik Aahar Food for 	Brain and Body "

Dairy scenario in India

India is the largest milk producer in the world. Current year the production is expected to touch 141 million tons. The annual growth over the past few years has been around 4%. Currently a little over half the milk is handled by the unorganised sector. The other half is with the organised sector. The demand for milk especially products is expected to above 10% in the coming years. Milk is also the largest agricultural commodity. Its accounts for about 3% of the GDP. The market for liquid milk and other milk products is bright. Milk products include milk sweets.




About Us

Cumulo Nimbus Agro Dairy Products Ltd is a professionally managed business groups ,into manufacturing and marketing of milk khoa – a heat dessicated milk product. The Cumulo Nimbus mean into Rain bearing clouds in Greek. It has further plans to produce other milk based sweets and products. Cumulo Nimbus aims to maximize the return to the stake holders i.e., Investors, farmers and by giving quality and affordable priced milk Products to the consumers. The company also plans to enter into the Dairy Products, offer better business potential.






Dedicated To The Karma Yogis

Shri Swami Chidbhavananda

The founder Swamiji of Ramakrisna Tapovanam, started the institution in the year 1948 and now grows into 242 educational institutions in Tamilnadu where the health,education and values are being taught under the Gurukul style of Education. Swamiji’s institution concentrates only on Saathvik Aahar to the inmates where the food develops both brain and body. Dr Verghese Kurien Considered the architect of India’s white revolution. Transformed India from a milk deficit area to the largest milk producer in the world. Dr Kurien started in the dairy industry in 1948 building AMUL and turned it into the largest milk brand. Also founded the NDDB which assisted set up the various state cooperative like Aavin,Nandhini, Milma, Verka, Vita, Saras, Sudha etc. Due to his strategic and tireless efforts, India has become the topper in the Milk Producing Nations. Cumulo Nimbus still feel the Government of India should recognize Dr. Kurien's effort, by giving Bharat Ratna. Cumulo Nimbus dedicates this projects to the 2, Swami Chidhbhavannda and Dr.Verghese Kurien, great Karma Yogis of India


Cumulo Nimbus procures milk fresh from its own dairy farm and also with selected, designated and identified farmers with stringent quality norms where the cows health and life is monitored by the professionals. The farm fresh milk is immediately processed into milk khoa in a clean and hygienic way. The produce khoa is a wholesome and nutritious milk based sweet. One of the traditional milk based sweets in Tamilnadu is the Khoa, being made at Shri Villiputhur in Southern part of Tamilnadu which is very famous among the Tamils around the world. The product is available under the brand name Aruvi, which means Water falls in Tamil. The sizes available are 25 gms, 50gms, 100gms, 200gms, 500gms. Bulk packs are also available, Corporate gift packs and also the company targets the marriage and any special family and community functions . The USP of the Products is Udder to Pan is the maximum of 20 minutes with 6 Hours of MBRT milk taken into Products.

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