•                "Aruvi-Shrivilliputhur Milk Khova "
  • "A Saathivik Aahar Food for 	Brain and Body "
  • "A Saathivik Aahar Food for 	Brain and Body "
  • "A Saathivik Aahar Food for Children's Health "


  • The Aruvi has been packed into different quantities in order to suit the various segments of the society. 20 to 25 gram packets are aimed in retail as well to cater the need of kids & youth ranging from 2 to 25 years of age group. Regular use of these desiccated products shall make the younger generation resist the disease like cancer. This is our prime focus in the Milk  Khoa  segment.
  • Apart from this, we also target the marriage segments to offer the quality products with special message from the Bride and bride grooms.
  • Presently, around 85000 Indian restaurants are there around the world and it would be doubled within another 5 years. We commit to supply our quality products to make our Indians feel at Home in consuming our Dairy Products.


  • Our team is capable of establishing the dairy farms with 50 to 5000 milch animals for the farmers and corporate houses. Also facilitate the clients to get the feasibility study and report, avail finance, training and also to get the round the market to their commodities.
  • Apart from the setting up of the Dairy, Our team shall help our clients to establish chilling centres, bulk milk coolers and mini and mega dairies.
  • We also cater the need based training programme in the area of Milk Production, Procurement, Processing and marketing of Milk and Milk Products for our clients.
  • We help our clients to make Dairy tours in meeting the innovative Dairy farmers and also to visit the technical Know-how in the Dairies.
  • Dairy Industry progress with leaps and bounds but also with problems in the Quality.  Though Government try to implement the quality through many laws, people at Cumulo Nimbus has committed to make the Indian Milk and Milk Products consumers to aware of the ground reality and to make them knowledgeable to identify  Good quality products  for their consumption in the family. The programme is being arranged on Saturdays under the banner of “ Meet the Consumer, the King”


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